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1.Basic Info

Name:  cosmetic bag Business gift custom hook wash bag men’s

toilet makeup  bag travel storage waterproof folding storage bag

l Metiral: Imitation hemp cation + internal PU glue waterproof layer

l Color: customized


l Size: 22*9*18cm( fold)  22*9*39cm(unfold)

l Master Carton Size:57*40*35.5cm


2.Product Detail

It can be used whether it is used at home or taken with you when traveling. The unique PU coating is waterproof and moisture-proof, and will not mold or produce peculiar smell when exposed to water. The wet and dry design is easy to carry around, and there is no trouble of liquid leakage.

There are multi-layer partitions, reasonable use of space, to ensure the scientific structure of the structure to achieve effective storage.

The hanging hook design is convenient and practical, saving desktop space.

Transparent TPU sandwich visual design, no need to worry about finding things, easy to take.

The mesh interlayer is very convenient for storing small and numerous sundries, such as mascara, razor blades, etc.

The capacity of the main storage bag is very large, large enough to store items such as lotion, shower gel, etc.

l  The side storage bag can also store small things, and the space is fully utilized without wasting.

Colleagues also have a 30% discount to choose from, and choose different styles according to personal needs.


  1. Primary Competitive Advantage

l We support customization, you can print your logo, and multiple colors are available. We have our color card below. These 9 models are available in stock.

l The shipment is fast, the factory has the qualification of factory inspection, the foreign trade export business in the United States, Europe, Japan and other places, and the environmental protection is high-quality.

An eight-year-old shop, focusing on details. Factory direct sales, quality is guaranteed.

A package of dual purpose, can hold both cosmetics and toiletries. Take it out, it is your mobile dressing table.

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